What Is A Sober Coach?

A Sober Coach provides a one-to-one service for anyone wishing to overcome a self-debilitating habit or addiction. An ethically bound expert, who will provide support to address, change, or break a compulsive substance misuse. When a negative behavioural pattern with alcohol, drugs, or prescription medication, even if subconsciously, becomes more about self-harm than self-care.

A Sober Coach will hold you in stepped accountability, to navigate your personal obstacles and barriers. They will collaborate with empathy and respect, to uncover a better you through the stages of change and implement new meaningful routines and social norms. A sober coach will advocate and promote long term alternative strength-based coping skills and strategies to achieve a holistic balance of mind and body, alongside self-directed sober transitions, with the ultimate goal of abstinence.

Sober coaches can provide information on different clinical treatments, harm reduction methods, recovery pathways and models. Competently aware of issues that frequently accompany addictive behaviours such as depression, anxiety, cross-addiction, withdrawal syndrome, dual diagnoses, and co-dependency.

Every sober coach will have their own style of working, to suit the needs of their coachee. In my case, I specialise with those affected by alcohol or have an Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) to use the correct term. With no legal requirement to become a Sober Coach, it can be advisable to find a coach who practices under a Professional Governing Body and an ethical framework, who works within the parameters of a mutually agreed contract. That said, a Sober Coach who has lived experiences and is ‘practising what they preach’ so to speak, always delivers the most significant insights and understanding.

Why Is There A Need For Sober Coaching

An asset to anyone unable to independently commit to lifestyle solutions, which identifies that willpower and self-help books don’t cut it. For those who seek an alternative or diversion from AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), preferring their own route of self-paced confidentiality. Today with more people drinking during the pandemic and collectively never so more aware of their relationship with alcohol, has there been more of a demand for Sober Coaching. Flexible in delivery and location, for those with unpredictable careers schedules, and family commitments sessions can be held in person, remotely or by telephone.

How Will A Sober Coach Help You?

✓ Collaborates to handpick a recovery that feels right for you.

✓ Role models valued strength-based coping strategies, to reduce anxiety and manage stressful situations.

✓ To overcome challenging new social interactions and implement new norms.

✓ To emotionally reframe past behavioural cues such as holidays, celebrations, and memories.

✓ Implements meaningful short and long-term goals to reduce frustrations, boredom, and loneliness.

✓ Provides tools for dealing with feelings of guilt and shame, facilitates emotional acceptance nurturing the ability to live in the present.

✓ Supports you to stabilise difficulties with personal relationships.

✓ Explores and manages relaxation, nutritional and fitness changes.

✓ Works in an advisory capacity, where agreed with family and close friends.

✓ Explains the vicious compulsive cycle the chemical change to your brain creates.

✓ Puts you first, to build your self-belief and grow your self-esteem to feel comfortable in your own skin.

How Can I Help You

For years I was personally compromised and detrimentally impacted by my go-to self-medicating use of alcohol. I am knowledgeable about the addictive nature of drink, the slippery slope of enjoying a drink to ‘needing’ a drink; familiar with assessing ‘the broken pieces’ and moving on, with honesty and self-respect. Now able to do life on life’s terms without changing the way I feel to numb or escape my emotions. No longer living with the common themed sentiment “I am never enough”, so often found in my niche of wino’s, piss artists and addicts.

• Provide Relapse Prevention Plans that change as you do.

• Maintain Tools to manage triggers and urges.

• Explore your own answers to your defensive yes buts and what-ifs.

• Strengthen your identity and self-image.

• Show you an outside perspective from an inside seat.

• Inspire your motivation, positivity, and hope - To live optimistically, future-focused and with a “Can Do” attitude.

What a Sober Coach Will Not Do

❖ Promote a specific recovery model.

❖ Judge or Diagnose you.

❖ Tell you what to do (drinking or not).

❖ Be your counsellor.

If you are transitioning from or preparing for residential treatment or detox - have stopped deliberating and decided to ask for help - know someone who could benefit from tailored Sober Coaching. Start by having a conversation that matters.