Alcoholism Treatment in Winchester

Whether you have recently completed a residential treatment programme, or you are attempting to tackle your difficulties with alcohol or addiction on your own. The road to full recovery can be long, challenging, and complex. It is important to ensure you have access to a supportive network and non-judgemental treatment, which is where I come in.


As a sobriety coach in Winchester, I am dedicated to helping individuals navigate their life post-rehab and post-addiction, providing my clients with years of knowledge and insight personally experienced and professionally learnt.


If you’d like to speak to me to find out more about my sober coaching in Winchester, please feel free to get in touch for an informal, no-obligation chat by calling 07765 286 410.


Your Road to Sobriety

Congratulations - you have made the first few steps on your journey to alcoholism recovery. Whether you are determined to get sober yourself, or you are transitioning from a residential rehab programme, there is no shame in asking for help and seeking additional support from a sober coach such as myself.


With years of experience offering alcoholism treatment and relapse prevention for recovery; my aim is to assist your journey, coaching you with confidential support services to help you create your new life in sobriety towards life long recovery.

My focus on self-growth, personal development and accountable goal-setting will provide you with effective relapse prevention methods that address the behavioural, cognitive and emotional factors involved with alcoholism recovery.


How I Can Help

As someone who has experienced the journey myself, my six years of sobriety have taught me so much - I am committed to sharing my knowledge in a way that is tailored to the needs of your unique recovery journey.


My alcoholism treatment in Winchester can help you with:

  • Feeling socially confident and liberated from self-limiting cultural beliefs and rituals around drinking

  • Maintaining healthy coping and decision-making skills, replacing past subconscious drinking behaviour

  • Establishing self-regulation, daily structure and personal balance

  • Bringing self-acceptance and closure to emotional and psychological fixations towards alcohol

  • Pinpointing and overcoming inner tension and resistance to transforming on a long-term basis

  • Developing your self-belief and emotional resilience to live a happy, sober life


Looking for Sober Coaching in Winchester? Get in Touch

If you are seeking additional support to enhance your alcoholism recovery, get in touch today.  Give me a call for an informal chat on 07765 286 410, or send an email to