About Me

My name is Sarah Smylie, and I am grateful to be in the position I am today to provide effective solution focused sobriety coaching for individuals in Winchester and Hampshire.


I have been sober and in recovery for over 6 years, in that time have developed a variety of coaching tools and counselling skills through further educational training and volunteering at my local drug and alcohol services. I utilise concepts and methods that I have experienced first hand which help those who are in need of support on their road to recovery.


Achieving sobriety and the journey associated with it can feel like a daunting, and isolating task. Whatever you are struggling with, my Winchester based after-rehab support can offer a safe space, a confidential environment for you to share feelings, discuss any concerns you may have and set life-changing goals.

My Story Before Becoming a Sober Coach

As with many of my clients, my road to alcoholism began as a social drinker, something I gave little thought to, being so ingrained in our day to day routines and culture.


As my teenage carefree party mentality moved on, and life progressed with the responsibilities that adulthood naturally brings;  I found myself drinking more and more.  At the time I felt that this helped me cope, or gain a mental rest-bite over family and relationship ups and downs.   It proved a quick fix, giving myself the excuse that it helped in stressful situations or upsetting events.  An emotional coping mechanism, which at the time I couldn’t recognise as self-destructive compulsive behaviour.  Over the course of 25 years it slowly progressed into an addiction,  and finally a daily priority.


My alcoholism led to me losing my dignity, self-respect and those close to me.


I wasn’t moving forward with my life, instead, I was stuck, living in fear of losing what felt like my ‘everything’ my  ‘prop’ my ‘reward’ of getting through the tough times.  I lived In fear of not knowing how to change, in fear of facing the honest shameful truth. But, as many others seeking recovery will experience, I hit my turning point of one particularly downward spiral that made it clear to me that enough was enough, which is when I finally asked for help.


I am now 6 years sober, comfortable with who I am, no longer living in the past, able to forgive and forget the people and situations I blamed and used to allow to fuel my drinking.  Above all know what I need personally to remain sober, the foundations for any recovery and relapse prevention.

Seeking Post-Rehab Support in Winchester? Get in Touch

Whether you are transitioning from a residential rehabilitation facility or you are facing the road to sobriety off your own back, and in need of additional support or direction, contact Sober Coach and Mentor in Winchester today.


Please call 07765 286 410, or send an email to sobercoachandmentor@gmail.com. I will be more than happy to discuss your situation with you, and make you aware of the sobriety coaching options you have available.